The CMML Acappella Choir from Chilenje, Lusaka, mesmerizes with their soul-stirring acappella rendition titled “Wesonde,” delivering a poignant message about the Earth’s challenges. Sung with breathtaking vocal harmonies, the choir skillfully conveys the song’s theme of the Earth’s woes. “Wesonde,” meaning ‘bitterness’ in Bemba, explores the harsh realities of a troubled world. The intricate vocal arrangements weave together haunting melodies and powerful lyrics that delve into the struggles of humanity, addressing societal issues, environmental concerns, and the collective yearning for a better future.

The choir’s emotive delivery captures the raw essence of the song’s message, creating an intimate connection with the listener. The absence of instrumental accompaniment allows the purity of their voices to shine, emphasizing the sincerity and urgency of the lyrics. The CMML Acappella Choir’s “Wesonde” stands as a powerful testament to the transformative potential of acappella music, using the beauty of vocal harmony to address the somber realities of our world and inspire contemplation on the path to healing and renewal.


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