It is imperative that we do not underestimate the significance of individuals like Donald Trump. The reasons for not undermining him may not be immediately clear, but a recent vision has given rise to some reflections on this matter. I witnessed a peculiar scene involving a white ox adorned with the American flag. Rather than jumping to conclusions or making unfounded prophecies, it is crucial to consider the symbolism and message conveyed.

In this vision, the white ox was a powerful and symbolic representation of America. Many attempted to ride on its back, yet the ox exhibited a discerning nature, tossing aside those who sought to control it. Notably, the person of Donald Trump was observed in the vision. Although he did not claim dominion over the ox, there was a peculiar connection – the ox wagged its tail in a non-hostile manner, indicating a certain favor or acknowledgment.

The key takeaway from this vision is a plea for fair treatment. It is essential to avoid unjust persecution of Donald Trump, as misjudgments can lead to unintended consequences. Just as in the case of Zambia’s past president, his Excellency President Lungu, we are cautioned against undermining and mistreating individuals who may be in a phase of transformation.

In the analogy of a weakened old lion regenerating into a fresh and vibrant one, we are reminded not to prematurely dismiss or persecute those who appear frail. The call is to exercise restraint and provide the necessary space for growth and renewal. Just as persecuting President Lungu may result in an unexpected resurgence of strength, similar outcomes could be in store if Donald Trump is unfairly treated.

In conclusion, it is a plea for prudence and understanding. The words shared here are pregnant with meaning, emphasizing the need to avoid hasty judgments and unfair treatment. Let us collectively consider the potential consequences of our actions, recognizing that our treatment of individuals in positions of power can have far-reaching impacts.



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