“Lesa Obe Alekumona Talala” by Calvary Church Choir (UCZ Choir Lusaka)

The United Church of Zambia (UCZ) Choir from Lusaka, known as the Calvary Church Choir, delivers an inspiring and soulful performance with their song “Lesa Obe Alekumona Talala.” This powerful piece, whose title translates to “Your God Who Sees You,” resonates deeply with listeners, offering a message of divine omnipresence and reassurance.

“Lesa Obe Alekumona Talala” combines traditional African choral harmonies with contemporary gospel elements, creating a rich and vibrant sound that is both uplifting and spiritually enriching. The choir’s harmonious voices blend seamlessly, conveying a sense of unity and collective faith. The intricate vocal arrangements and dynamic shifts in the song reflect the choir’s deep musical expertise and devotion to their craft.

Lyrically, the song speaks of God’s unwavering presence and watchfulness over His people. It encourages believers to find solace in the fact that they are never alone; God is always with them, observing and guiding them through life’s challenges. This comforting message is delivered with heartfelt passion and conviction by the Calvary Church Choir, making it a powerful anthem of faith and hope.

For those seeking spiritual encouragement, “Lesa Obe Alekumona Talala” is a must-listen. The song’s profound lyrics and captivating melodies are sure to uplift and inspire. You can download the mp3 to enjoy this beautiful piece and experience the moving performance of the UCZ Choir from Lusaka, whose dedication to their ministry shines through every note.


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