“Muli Bakutotela” emerges as a powerful worship anthem in 2024, featuring the collaborative efforts of Chosen, Mirriam, and Hellenic. Rooted in the traditions of gospel music, this latest offering is a heartfelt expression of gratitude and praise, inviting listeners to join in worship and adoration.

Chosen leads the charge with his impassioned vocals and stirring delivery, setting the tone for a song that exalts the goodness and faithfulness of God. His soulful performance serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration, drawing listeners into a sacred space of reverence and awe.

Mirriam’s harmonious voice adds depth and richness to the song, intertwining seamlessly with Chosen’s to create a tapestry of sound that uplifts and edifies. Together, their voices blend in perfect harmony, creating a sense of unity and communion among worshippers.

Hellenic’s contribution brings a dynamic element to “Muli Bakutotela,” infusing the song with energy and vitality. Her powerful vocals and fervent spirit ignite a fire of praise, igniting hearts and souls with fervent devotion.

As the music swells and the lyrics soar, “Muli Bakutotela” becomes more than just a song—it becomes a sacred offering, a testament to the boundless love and grace of the Almighty. With its timeless message and stirring melodies, this worship anthem is poised to resonate deeply with believers around the world, inspiring them to lift their voices in praise and thanksgiving.

Experience the transformative power of “Muli Bakutotela” as Chosen, Mirriam, and Hellenic lead you on a journey of worship and adoration. Let this latest 2024 offering be a reminder of God’s faithfulness and goodness, and a call to worship with hearts full of gratitude and joy.


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