“Nalishiba” by Cleopas Chama is a heartfelt Zambian Gospel song that resonates with the essence of personal revelation and spiritual awakening. Through Cleopas Chama’s emotive vocals and sincere lyrics, “Nalishiba,” which translates to “I Know” in English, offers a profound expression of faith and assurance in God’s love and guidance.

Released with genuine reverence, “Nalishiba” serves as a testimony to the transformative power of divine revelation and personal encounter with God. The song’s melodies are woven with threads of gratitude and devotion, inviting listeners into a deeper understanding of God’s presence and provision in their lives.

As Cleopas Chama declares his knowledge of God’s faithfulness and grace, “Nalishiba” becomes more than just a song—it becomes a sacred affirmation of faith and trust. The stirring rhythms and heartfelt harmonies create an atmosphere of spiritual intimacy, drawing worshippers into a closer communion with the divine.

Whether experienced in moments of solitary reflection or as part of a communal worship experience, “Nalishiba” leaves an indelible mark on hearts and souls, stirring them to a deeper commitment to faith and devotion. Through this Gospel song, Cleopas Chama invites listeners to embrace the assurance of God’s presence and to celebrate the joy of knowing Him intimately. Don’t miss the opportunity to be uplifted and inspired by the anointed worship of “Nalishiba” as it resonates with the timeless truths of faith and revelation.



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