“Download MP3: ‘Be Lifted’ by Shekainah Nwaka Phiri Ft. Ephraim Son Of Africa – Inspiring Gospel Collaboration”

BE LIFTED, a powerful gospel song by SHEKAINAH NWAKA PHIRI FT. EPHRAIM SON OF AFRICA, is an inspiring anthem of worship and praise. This collaboration between two of Africa’s most revered gospel artists creates a spiritually enriching experience that resonates deeply with listeners.

From the very first note, BE LIFTED captures the heart with its uplifting melodies and soulful harmonies. SHEKAINAH NWAKA PHIRI‘s emotive vocals, combined with EPHRAIM SON OF AFRICA‘s distinctive and powerful voice, create a dynamic and moving performance. The song’s arrangement seamlessly blends contemporary gospel with traditional African rhythms, creating a sound that is both unique and profoundly worshipful.

The lyrics of BE LIFTED are a heartfelt plea to lift up the name of God in all circumstances. They reflect a deep reverence and gratitude for God’s unending love, grace, and mercy. Lines such as “Your name be lifted high, above all the earth” and “In every season, You are worthy of our praise” remind listeners of the importance of glorifying God in every aspect of their lives.

As the song progresses, the intensity and passion of the worship build, drawing listeners into a deeper state of reflection and adoration. The powerful chorus, accompanied by a rich instrumental backdrop, invites everyone to join in and lift their voices in unison, creating a communal atmosphere of worship.

BE LIFTED is more than just a song; it is a worship experience that encourages believers to elevate their praise and focus their hearts on God’s greatness. This collaboration between SHEKAINAH NWAKA PHIRI and EPHRAIM SON OF AFRICA is a testament to their shared commitment to spreading the gospel through music. Whether listened to in a personal devotional time or within a congregational setting, BE LIFTED has the power to uplift and inspire, making it a cherished addition to any gospel music collection.”


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