“Niba Yaweh” is a captivating and spiritually uplifting Gospel Rumba song by Enock Mbewe, featuring the exceptional talents of Tafara Patricks and Rose Kafunda. This collaboration brings together some of the most remarkable voices in the Zambian music scene, resulting in a profound and inspiring musical experience.

In “Niba Yaweh,” Enock Mbewe, Tafara Patricks, and Rose Kafunda harmonize beautifully to convey a message of divine praise and worship. The song’s lyrics celebrate the greatness of Yaweh, emphasizing His unwavering love, mercy, and power. Through their powerful vocal performances, the artists invite listeners to join in glorifying God and acknowledging His presence in their lives.

The rhythmic beats of Rumba, combined with Gospel influences, create an energetic and joyous atmosphere that is both danceable and deeply moving. Enock Mbewe‘s commanding voice, Tafara Patricks‘s soulful tones, and Rose Kafunda‘s angelic vocals blend seamlessly, adding layers of emotion and devotion to the track.

“Niba Yaweh” not only highlights the vocal prowess of Enock Mbewe, Tafara Patricks, and Rose Kafunda but also serves as an anthem of faith and gratitude. The song encourages believers to trust in God’s eternal love and to celebrate His greatness through music and worship. This collaboration is a testament to the unifying power of Gospel music and its ability to uplift and inspire.


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