Faith Melody Choir (Chililabombwe) – COrona virus || Latest UCZ worship Songs

Journey into the soulful harmonies of Zambia’s esteemed UCZ Choir, Faithful Melody Choir, with their enchanting song “Twinaka Ukupepa.” This musical masterpiece captures the essence of devotion and praise, showcasing the choir’s exceptional vocal prowess and heartfelt lyrics.

“Twinaka Ukupepa” is a spiritual anthem that resonates with the rich cultural and religious heritage of Zambia, inviting listeners into a transcendent experience of worship.

Immerse yourself in the captivating melodies and powerful messages that define Faithful Melody Choir’s exceptional talent. Download this extraordinary composition now and let the resounding echoes of “Twinaka Ukupepa” uplift your spirit and evoke a deep sense of reverence.



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