In the spirit of communal resilience, James collaborates with Cleo to deliver a powerful anthem titled “Let’s Fight Cholera in Zambia,” a rallying cry against the waterborne menace. This song, a poignant addition to the music landscape, combines James’ emotive vocals with Cleo’s impactful rap verses, creating an urgent and compelling narrative. The lyrics serve as an educational tool, advocating for hygiene, clean water, and sanitation practices to combat cholera.

The rhythm pulsates with a call to action, urging communities to unite in the battle against this preventable disease. Download this track to not only enjoy a musical masterpiece but also to contribute to the collective effort in raising awareness about cholera prevention in Zambia. James and Cleo’s collaboration transcends entertainment, transforming into a social initiative that harnesses the power of music to educate and inspire positive change in the ongoing fight against cholera.

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