“Mulansunga,” a powerful collaboration between Joshua NN and PST Gift Kaputula, takes center stage in the vibrant landscape of 2024 Zambian worship songs. This soul-stirring anthem is a fusion of traditional Zambian sounds and contemporary worship, creating a captivating harmony that resonates with spiritual depth. Joshua NN’s emotive vocals intertwine seamlessly with PST Gift Kaputula’s poignant delivery, forming a dynamic synergy that amplifies the song’s impact.

“Mulansunga” carries a profound message of gratitude and praise, reflected in its heartfelt lyrics and melodic arrangement. The title itself, translating to “Thanksgiving,” encapsulates the essence of the composition. The music is adorned with rich African instrumentation, creating an immersive sonic experience that transports listeners into a sacred realm.

As the song unfolds, its rhythmic cadence builds an atmosphere of reverence, inviting worshippers to join in a collective celebration of faith. “Mulansunga” stands as a testament to the artists’ commitment to preserving Zambian musical heritage while ushering it into the contemporary realm. This collaboration marks a milestone in the evolution of Zambian worship, offering a timeless piece that resonates with the spirit and echoes through the hearts of its audience in 2024.


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