Embark on a transcendent musical journey with Zambia’s king of Sebene, Kings Malembe, through the powerful live gospel Seben song, “Enough is Enough.” In this electrifying performance, Kings Malembe reigns supreme, delivering an exuberant fusion of rhythmic Sebene beats and soul-stirring gospel messages.

“Enough is Enough” is a proclamation of faith, resilience, and victory. The live setting enhances the experience, capturing the raw energy of Kings Malembe and his band as they create an infectious groove that permeates the atmosphere. The song’s title serves as a rallying cry for believers, expressing a declaration of deliverance from challenges and a testament to the sufficiency of divine intervention.

Kings Malembe’s charismatic vocals and the lively instrumentation create an immersive atmosphere of praise and celebration. The Sebene genre’s characteristic guitar riffs and rhythmic percussions infuse the song with an irresistible vitality, inviting listeners to join in the rhythmic dance of devotion.

As you download “Enough is Enough” by Kings Malembe, you not only embrace a musical masterpiece but also partake in a spirited worship experience, feeling the pulse of Zambia’s vibrant gospel Seben scene and the anointed ministry of the country’s Sebene maestro.


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