“NSUBENI” is the newest song by KINGS MM, mixing Zambian Rumba and gospel worship. The title means “Anoint Me” in English, asking for God’s help and strength.

KINGS MM sings with deep feeling, taking listeners on a spiritual journey. Each word asks for God’s presence and grace. The beat of Zambian Rumba adds energy and excitement, making people feel joyful and grateful.

As the song goes on, “NSUBENI” becomes a strong declaration of love and trust in God. It doesn’t matter where you’re from—this song touches everyone’s heart and brings hope.

With its mix of old and new sounds, “NSUBENI” shows KINGS MM’s talent and faith. This song will make people feel closer to God and give them strength for whatever they face. It’s a reminder that God is always with us, ready to help and guide us.


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