“Divine Invocation: Elevate Your Worship with PJN Joshua & Sister Ruth in ‘Arise, O God

IMA IMA,” meaning “GOD ARISE,” is a transcendent worship experience crafted by the divine collaboration of PJN JOSHUA and SISTER RUTH. This soul-stirring composition invites listeners into the sacred space of reverence and awe, where hearts are lifted in adoration and spirits are stirred by the presence of the divine.

From the opening chords to the final refrain, “IMA IMA” exudes an atmosphere of holiness and devotion. PJN JOSHUA‘s tender vocals resonate with sincerity and passion, guiding worshippers on a journey of surrender and praise. With every word sung, he invokes the omnipotence and grace of the Divine, calling upon God to arise in glory and power.

SISTER RUTH‘s angelic harmonies intertwine with PJN JOSHUA‘s lead vocals, creating a heavenly choir that elevates the worship experience to new heights. Her ethereal voice serves as a vessel for divine expression, echoing the longing of every heart to behold the majesty of God.

The lyrics of “IMA IMA” are a poetic offering of reverence and adoration, drawing inspiration from sacred texts and personal testimony. Through verses rich with imagery and symbolism, PJN JOSHUA and SISTER RUTH proclaim the greatness of God and the transformative power of His presence.

Musically, “IMA IMA” is a masterful blend of traditional and contemporary elements, combining stirring melodies with lush instrumentation. From gentle piano refrains to soaring orchestral arrangements, every note serves to magnify the glory of God and inspire worshippers to lift their voices in praise.

As “IMA IMA” resounds in congregations and prayer gatherings around the world, it serves as a powerful reminder of the enduring faithfulness of God and the profound impact of worship in the life of believers. Through the collaborative artistry of PJN JOSHUA and SISTER RUTH, hearts are stirred, spirits are refreshed, and God is glorified.


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