From Turmoil to Transformation: A Journey through Zambia with a Prophetic Reversal

I arrived from Britain to Zambia where the president’s wife awaited my arrival alongside my team. Despite her not being a government official, she insisted that I, along with my team, would not be permitted to enter the country. Even basic activities such as using the restroom were monitored by soldiers, immigration officers, and police personnel assigned to us at the airport. The wife of the president stood firm, ensuring our restricted movements.

Eventually, the situation took a legal turn, and the president’s wife found herself facing imprisonment, dragged through court proceedings. In a moment of frustration, I uttered words asserting myself as their worst nightmare. However, standing here today, I retract those words. The prophet’s foresight for Zambia has been declared, prompting me to reverse any negative declarations I made against Lungu and his wife. In the name of Jesus, I declare a reversal of all the reproachful words I spoke upon their lives.

I encourage you to lift your eyes for a moment of positive transformation. Join me in a good news world with Eubert Angel, where we provoke positive reactions and deliver messages always worth hearing. Amen.


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