Christine Malembe Malembe Feat Gift Kaputula – Mfisa Yesu || Latest 2024 Worship Music

“Mfisa Yesu” is a stirring WORSHIP ANTHEM that transcends musical boundaries, featuring the divine collaboration of CHRISTINE NKOLE and GIFT KAPUTULA. Released in 2024, this Zambian WORSHIP SONG captivates hearts with its profound reverence and soul-stirring melodies. Through the powerful vocals of CHRISTINE NKOLE and the emotive harmonies of GIFT KAPUTULA, “Mfisa Yesu” invites listeners into a sacred space of devotion and adoration.

As believers unite in WORSHIP, the song serves as a testament to the transformative power of faith and the unwavering love of Jesus Christ. Its lyrics, resonating with messages of redemption and salvation, echo the timeless truths of scripture, offering solace and hope in times of trial.

“Mfisa Yesu” is not just a song; it’s an intimate expression of faith and surrender, a heartfelt offering to the divine. Whether experienced in the solitude of personal reflection or as part of a congregation, this WORSHIP SONG ignites the spirit and draws believers closer to the heart of God. Experience the transcendent beauty of “Mfisa Yesu,” the WORSHIP ANTHEM of 2024, and feel the presence of Jesus in every note and lyric.



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