Philimo Voa, renowned as Zambia’s foremost male Rumba singer, collaborates with the exceptional talents of Christine Nkole and Francis to deliver a soul-stirring rendition of “Tandala Yesu.” This electrifying collaboration showcases the unparalleled musical prowess of these artists, blending their distinctive styles to create a mesmerizing Rumba masterpiece.

From the opening chords, the enchanting melody of “Tandala Yesu” sets the stage for an unforgettable musical journey. Philimo Voa’s velvety vocals lead the way, accompanied by Christine Nkole’s angelic harmonies and Francis’s dynamic instrumentation. Together, they weave a tapestry of sound that captivates the listener’s heart and soul.

“Tandala Yesu” is more than just a song; it’s a celebration of faith and devotion. The lyrics speak of the boundless love and grace of Jesus Christ, inspiring listeners to embrace the transformative power of divine presence. With each note, Philimo Voa, Christine Nkole, and Francis invite listeners to experience a profound sense of spiritual connection and renewal.

The live performance captures the electrifying energy of the moment, as the artists’ passion and enthusiasm radiate from the stage. Their seamless collaboration and heartfelt delivery resonate with authenticity, leaving a lasting impression on all who hear it.

Downloading the MP3 of “Tandala Yesu” offers fans the opportunity to carry the uplifting spirit of the song with them wherever they go. It’s a musical journey that transcends boundaries, uniting listeners in a shared experience of joy, inspiration, and divine worship.

Don’t miss the chance to be part of this extraordinary musical collaboration – download the MP3 of “Tandala Yesu” now and let the harmonious melodies of Philimo Voa, Christine Nkole, and Francis fill your heart with praise and adoration.


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