Elizabeth feat Emmanuel - They are in Trouble || Download mp3
Elizabeth feat Emmanuel - They are in Trouble || Download mp3

“They Are in Trouble” is a powerful and soul-stirring Gospel Rumba song performed by Zambia’s finest Rumba singer, Elizabeth, featuring the exceptional vocalist Emmanuel. This collaboration brings together two of the most revered voices in the Zambian music scene, creating a dynamic and heartfelt musical experience.

In this song, Elizabeth and Emmanuel blend their vocal talents to deliver a message of hope and redemption. The lyrics speak to those who have lost their way, emphasizing that despite the troubles and challenges they face, God’s love and mercy are ever-present and ready to guide them back to the light.

The rhythmic beats of Rumba, infused with Gospel undertones, create an uplifting and danceable track that resonates with listeners. Elizabeth‘s powerful voice and Emmanuel‘s smooth, emotive vocals complement each other perfectly, adding depth and emotion to the song’s message.

“They Are in Trouble” not only showcases the vocal prowess of Elizabeth and Emmanuel but also serves as an inspirational anthem that encourages people to seek God’s guidance and find solace in His everlasting love. This collaboration is a testament to the transformative power of faith and the unifying spirit of music.


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