“YESU ASENDA” by MINISTER TITO featuring PHILIMO is a powerful gospel collaboration that celebrates the sovereignty and victory of Jesus Christ. With their compelling vocals and heartfelt delivery, MINISTER TITO and PHILIMO convey a message of faith, triumph, and reverence for the Savior.

From the outset, “YESU ASENDA” captivates listeners with its stirring melodies and uplifting rhythm. MINISTER TITO’s commanding voice, combined with PHILIMO’s harmonious contributions, creates a dynamic musical experience that inspires awe and praise.

The title, “YESU ASENDA”, which translates to “Jesus Reigns” in English, encapsulates the song’s central theme of exalting the name of Jesus and acknowledging His authority. The lyrics exude reverence and adoration for Christ, declaring His victory over sin and death.

The song’s lyrics explore themes of faith, victory, and worship. MINISTER TITO’s bold delivery, along with PHILIMO’s soulful vocals, evoke a sense of awe and reverence, stirring listeners to join in proclaiming the greatness of Jesus Christ.

As the song unfolds, the arrangement builds, creating a powerful crescendo of praise and adoration. The fusion of contemporary gospel sounds with traditional African rhythms adds depth and richness to the track, elevating it to a stirring anthem for personal devotion and communal worship.

“YESU ASENDA” is more than just a song; it’s a declaration of faith and victory in Jesus Christ. MINISTER TITO and PHILIMO’s passionate performances and the song’s uplifting message resonate deeply, inspiring believers to stand firm in their faith and proclaim the glory of Christ.

Whether listened to in moments of solitude or shared in gatherings of worship, “YESU ASENDA” by MINISTER TITO featuring PHILIMO is certain to uplift and ignite hearts with its powerful message of praise and adoration for the reigning King. Download the MP3 now and let this impactful gospel collaboration fill your spirit with faith and reverence for Jesus Christ.


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