“Ngani Nani”: A divine collaboration unfolds as Moses Madimutsa, Enock Mbewe, and Pst Francis Chanda join forces in a worship anthem that transcends language, sung in the sacred tones of Bemba.

“Ngani Nani” is an emotive journey affirming God’s sovereign authority, emphasizing His ultimate say in all circumstances. Moses Madimutsa’s soulful lead vocals, complemented by Enock Mbewe’s harmonies and Pst Francis Chanda’s spiritual guidance, create a powerful atmosphere of reverence.

The song’s Bemba lyrics weave a narrative of unwavering faith, declaring that, amidst life’s challenges, God stands as the conclusive answer. “Ngani Nani” is a musical sanctuary where worshippers find solace in the truth that God has the final say.


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