Theresa Kabwita - Ndemikabila Yahweh
Theresa Kabwita - Ndemikabila Yahweh

Theresa Kabwita – NDEMIKABILA YAWEH ( Lord I Need You) || 2024 ZAMBIAN WORSHIP SONG

Step into the sacred realm of worship with Theresa Kabwita’s transcendent live anthem, “Ndemikabila Yaweh” (Lord I Need You), a divine offering in the latest 2024 Zambian worship music. This heartfelt composition becomes a conduit for spiritual connection, enveloping listeners in a profound atmosphere of reverence. Theresa Kabwita’s soulful voice, coupled with the emotive instrumental arrangement, creates a transformative worship experience.

“Ndemikabila Yaweh” emerges as a sincere plea for divine presence and guidance, resonating with worshippers seeking solace and communion. As you download this worship song, surrender to the celestial melodies and allow the lyrics to become a source of spiritual inspiration. Theresa Kabwita beckons believers to a place of intimate worship, making “Ndemikabila Yaweh” an indispensable addition to the landscape of 2024 Zambian worship music. This live rendition is not merely a song but a sacred journey, inviting worshippers to draw near and encounter the presence of the divine, making it a cherished and evocative piece in the realm of worship.


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