Zambia’s Destiny Unveiled: A Prophetic Insight for 2024 by Joshua Iginla

Discussing matters concerning the nation of Zambia is not always an easy task when divinely guided insights are received. However, it is incumbent upon me to convey the messages imparted to me by God. In this regard, a call is extended to pastors in Zambia to engage in fervent prayers against malevolent marine spirits that have been dispatched from the spirit realm to undermine their efforts, weaken their resolve, and bring shame.

The upcoming greatness of Zambia is emphasized, and a specific appeal is made to spiritual fathers of churches in Zambia to unite in prayer for the nation. The responsibility of safeguarding Zambia rests in their hands, and it is stressed that the nation should not underestimate the significance of these spiritual leaders, regardless of the size of their congregations. Their authority is highlighted, emphasizing their crucial role in steering the nation in the right direction.

Caution is directed toward political and sensitive leaders in Zambia to remain vigilant and avoid involvement in physical accidents that could jeopardize their lives. While acknowledging the economic challenges faced by the nation, there is an assertion that the current president is committed to addressing and mitigating these issues. However, a spiritual force in the State House is recognized, influencing leaders irrespective of their capabilities.

The prophecy distinguishes the current president as a “Saul” rather than a “David,” indicating that though he may perform effectively, there is a future leader, a “David,” who is yet to emerge. The necessity for political commentary by a prophet is justified, citing the biblical mandate that the government shall be upon the shoulders of the Messiah. The emphasis on the prophet’s political science background adds credibility to the insights shared.

The message concludes with an impassioned plea for the current regime to remain focused on fulfilling promises to the people of Zambia, discouraging unnecessary political distractions and advising against making the opposition popular through persecution, either direct or indirect. The overarching theme is a call for spiritual vigilance, unity, and a shared commitment to the betterment of Zambia.


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