A Reflection on Trials and Spiritual Calling - TB Joshua
A Reflection on Trials and Spiritual Calling - TB Joshua

A Reflection on Trials and Spiritual Calling – TB Joshua

After three decades as a prophet and minister of God, I find it necessary to address the changes I’ve witnessed in the dynamics of my congregation. Looking at the current attendance in our church, it is evident that the past struggles and criticisms have not gone unnoticed. Many of those present today were once critics or had banned me. However, the narrative has evolved, and I am compelled to share insights into the divine calling and its impact on our lives.

God often addresses me as “my people,” emphasizing the profound meaning behind this term. The divine connection with the congregation is marked by the phrase “my people,” signifying a special relationship. This connection becomes especially significant when I receive divine messages and prophecies for the congregation.

Reflecting on past experiences, I recall a moment when I predicted Nigeria’s loss in a football game. The backlash was severe, with widespread criticism and humiliation. This incident taught me the importance of delivering messages in parables, a strategy I adopted to convey critical insights while avoiding direct confrontation.

The protection of God has been evident in my life, and I urge those who consistently stand by me to consider their own protection. The challenges we faced in the past, such as attacks on our transformers, were met with divine intervention. God has revealed the past, present, and future to me, prompting me to communicate these insights through parables to foster understanding.

Understanding one’s destiny is crucial. Operating within the spiritual gift and calling bestowed upon each individual is paramount. I emphasize the need for self-discovery to navigate the challenges of life. The story of my trials and persecution in Nigeria serves as a testament to the importance of knowing and operating within one’s calling.

Nigeria’s treatment of me has been challenging and, at times, unbearable. As one of the most persecuted pastors, I acknowledge the trials and tribulations I’ve endured. Knowing one’s calling is a shield against external forces that seek to bring individuals down. The realization that being the richest person in the world does not guarantee immunity further underscores the significance of operating within one’s spiritual calling.

In conclusion, this reflection serves as a reminder to embrace our destinies, operate within our spiritual gifts, and navigate life’s challenges with purpose. Understanding our calling is the key to resilience against external pressures and ensures that we fulfill our divine purpose.


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